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Dubai AI and Web3 Campus aims to equip all businesses in Dubai with AI capability

The Dubai AI and Web3 Campus has launched an Artificial Intelligence Transformation Programme (“The Programme”), a highly customisable sector agnostic corporate accelerator, to help future-proof businesses in the region by enhancing their Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities. The initiative will further help elevate Dubai’s abilities to compete at a global scale to harness talent, innovation, and grow its economy.Designed for businesses of all sizes, the programme provides C-level coaching on industry trends to enable organisations to stay ahead of competitors by adopting the latest in AI and technology innovation. The initiative will also facilitate partnerships with start-ups and industry giants to fast-track proof-of-concept (POC) creation and internal adoption.Participants will benefit from Dubai International Financial Centre’s strong innovation ecosystem and Dubai’s broader technological landscape to deliver actionable and timely solutions. The programme participants will also gain access to a state-of-the-art corporate innovation lab, high quality hardware and software, facilities enabling concept creation and prototype testing, in collaboration with tech industry experts.The programme further fosters start-up success by facilitating adoption of their technologies through strategic ecosystem partnerships and access to specialised licensing and regulatory solutions. The Dubai AI and Web3 Campus will also assist in corporate deal flow and partnerships to enable collaboration between leading corporates and upcoming start-ups to cultivate a culture of technological advancement.Mohammad Alblooshi, CEO of DIFC Innovation Hub, said, “We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Artificial Intelligence Transformation Programme, a pioneering initiative by the Dubai AI & Web3 Campus. We look forward to working with corporates in the region to streamline and scale their businesses through adoption of artificial intelligence across different verticals. Our expertise will allow us to enable business growth across sectors and attract forward thinking entrepreneurs and executives to the region. We remain committed to attracting and retaining top talent that will solidify Dubai’s position as the business destination of choice for tech professionals.”The launch of the Artificial Intelligence Transformation Programme follows the announcement of the Dubai AI and Web3 Campus, which boasts state-of-the-art physical and digital infrastructure within the new DIFC Innovation One premises, including research and development facilities and collaborative workspaces, which is helping to attract, build and scale firms in the region.The Campus has already begun issuing AI and Web3 licences supporting activities ranging from Distributed Ledger Technology Services, specialised Artificial Intelligence Research and consultancies, IT infrastructure builders, Technology Research and Development, and Public Networking Services through DIFC.

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